Moses Mountain & St Catherine's Monastery

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Mount Sinai ( also called Jebel Musa or Mount Moses) on the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt is the traditional site where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God. There are some small chapels at the summit, from which there are spectacular sunrise views. The starting point for the climb, and an unmissable sight in itself, is St Catherine's Monastery at the base of the mountain.

From St. Catherine's Monastery, it is an uphill hike or camel ride to the summit of Mount Sinai (2285m). This is identified as the mountain where Moses received the Tablets of the Law from God. The main route to the summit is known as the Path of Moses (Arabic: Sikket Sayidna Musa) and is lined with remains of various chapels. This is a very popular place from which to watch the sunrise, which is spectacular.

St Catherine's Monastery - Monastery of The God-trodden Mount Sinai is located at the very place where God appeared to Moses in the Burning bush, beneath Mount Moses. In the providence of God, it is at this site also that the holy relics of St Catherine are enshrined. This is the oldest continuously inhabited Christian monastery, with a history that can be traced back over seventeen centuries. The Monastery predates the divisions of the Christian world, it's origins extending to late antiquity.

There is both a mosque and a chapel at the summit of Mount Moses. The Chapel of the Holy Trinity was built in 1934 using the remains of the chapel built by Justinian in the 6th century.