Tiran Island

Days of Excursion



This excursion is a wonderful day trip spent out at sea giving you the chance to experience some great snorkelling. There will be 3 stops, in the best three areas for those who love to enjoy the coral reefs and the aquamarine life. Lunch & soft drinks are provided whilst on board.

The island of Tiran is located at the southern end of the Gulf of Aqaba, which is a 2000 meter deep cut in the bottom of the ocean. Here the Gulf narrows and becomes shallower. With the change of tides, huge quantities of water flow through this bottleneck and cause very strong currents. In the centre of the Strait of Tiran, a ridge pushes up, running from north to south.

The currents around these reefs are the cause for the extraordinary diversity of corals and big fish swarms. Among others, you can see barracudas, snappers and sharks. Also see one of the sunken ship wrecks within the Red Sea.

You will be picked up from your hotel after breakfast, and then you will be driven for approximately 20 minutes to the sea dock, where you will board the boat. From here you will sail to Tiran Island for snorkelling and swimming, which is great fun for all the family. This excursion will last the whole day and you will be returned to your hotel at around 5.30 pm.